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Best Bitcoin Cleaner / Tumbler / Mixer List 2021

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Never use bitcoin cleaner or tumbler / mixer services on the clearnet.

If they don’t have an .onion domain then don’t use them!

Bitcoin Mixer

Why to mix Bitcoins

Bitcoin is perceived by so many people as a tightly anonymous cryptocurrency. Lots of internet users believe when a transaction is carried out in the blockchain, it is impossible to trace where the transaction originates from. Well, as of today, it is public knowledge that bitcoin and bitcoin transactions are not anonymous and as such, with few handy tools, almost anyone can trace where a transaction originates from. If you are looking for a way to erase your transaction history in the blockchain, the alternative option is to make use of bitcoin tumblers.

What exactly is a Bitcoin Tumbler?

In simple layman terms, a cryptocurrency tumbler (can tumble any cryptocurrency and not just bitcoin) is a service port where cryptocurrency coins or tokens are mixed with the sole aim of erasing or hiding the origin of such currency. Since it is now possible for people (People with the right tools and right knowledge) to trace cryptocurrency transactions from the dumping or receiving wallet to the originating or sending wallet, the rush for a more anonymous transaction in the cryptocurrency world has become a goldmine.
Since the blockchain is open for everyone to download and analyze, it is easy to detect transactions and its receiving wallet address. If with the right tools and knowledge one can get to know the sender’s wallet address, then one can easily identify the sender. This is by far easier when such a sender has his name, bank account or ID attached to the wallet address.

So how does bitcoin or cryptocurrency tumbler work? Well, if I am sending some bitcoin to a friend without using the tumbler service, surely my address will be logged somewhere somehow as the sender. But if I want to remain anonymous, all I need do is send my bitcoin to my friend through a bitcoin tumbler. I will need to send the amount with an additional tumbler fee to the address provided by the tumbling website. Then the tumbling website sends the amount I wish to send my friend into his wallet. This will be logged in the bitcoin blockchain as me sending bitcoin to the tumbler address. My friend’s wallet will be logged as receiving bitcoin from a tumbler address as well and so there will be no link between my bitcoin address and wallet and that of my friend.
This simply means that the bitcoin tumbler creates a major disconnect between two bitcoin addresses transacting together so that the transaction becomes anonymous. The only problem (which is rather not a problem at all) is the fact that the tumbler service charge is deducted from any amount you are sending. Since the service is not a black market (even though it is also available on the dark web), a sender or user will be aware of the transaction charge before sending and as such you would have added the transaction fees to the amount you are sending.

Who makes use of bitcoin tumbler?

Well, as you now know what a tumbling service involves, it is evident that everyone everywhere that makes use of cryptocurrency can use a bitcoin tumbler or cryptocurrency tumbling service. But then, there is a terminology called “clean bitcoin”. If your bitcoin is gotten illegally or from a dirty source, a bitcoin tumbler is a perfect way to clean it up, in order words, make it legal again. From this perspective, it is easy to jump to the conclusion that bitcoin tumbling services are majorly used by people with illegal and ill-gotten bitcoin. Take for instance; I happen to hack a bitcoin wallet with a huge amount of BTC, say 20 BTC. I cannot transfer such bitcoin into my wallet address directly; else, the owner may trace it back to me. Even if I keep moving it from one account to another before cashing it out, I can still be traced. The easiest way to go about this is to use a bitcoin tumbler. I will transfer such BTC to the tumbler in batches and then accept the money into my several different bitcoin wallets in bits. From there I can cash out without fear. For people who are into money laundering as well, the bitcoin tumbler services are of great value.
As much as the thoughts of bitcoin tumblers being vastly used for illegal financial operations may ravage your mind, the thought is far from the truth. Several kinds of research carried out already suggests that over 80% of people making use of bitcoin and cryptocurrency tumblers are honest users who are only in search of more privacy for their transactions. Usually, people who launder money and trade illegal or ill-gotten bitcoin do these more using unregulated cryptocurrency exchanges. When they transfer such money to these exchanges, the trade with other altcoins for a few days and then make their withdrawals into several pocket wallet addresses.

Is bitcoin tumbler for you?

Thinking about using a bitcoin tumbler? Well, it is not a bad idea to want to try and be private with your transactions. And although, you bitcoin may get mixed up in the tumbler with other illegal bitcoin; you cannot be penalized by any law anywhere in the world for using these tumbler services. The major problem you may have is when your bitcoin is still with the tumbler service and they get shut down by the government, you may lose your money forever.
As I said earlier, it is a good thing to make use of bitcoin tumbler service if you want anonymity for your transactions. This is because bitcoin transactions are not anonymous, but only pseudo-anonymous. Take your time to review the bitcoin tumbler you want to make use of because most of the tumblers are not even secure enough; with several operational flaws and the likes. Be careful when transacting with bitcoin tumblers but know for sure that they are legal, real, working and for people like you.

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