Blockchain Privacy

Well, the main idea of today’s article is that how the bitcoin mixer will make it difficult for anyone to trace the connections between you and your address related to bitcoin or your wallet. Now for the people who say that bitcoin tumbler or bitcoin mixer are scams and there is no proof that you will not lose your money invested in bitcoin you guys should know that the cryptocurrency is legitimate and all of your transactions and payments are always recorded and tracked by the Blockchain in the public domain ledger, and therefore you must let go of the misconception that bitcoin is not legal. It is one of the most trusted forms of digital cash in the world.
The Danger of Blockchain Transparency!
Now that we have made it clear that bitcoin is extremely legit, now let us talk about the dangers of the transparency that Blockchain offers. The first thought a person gets when you say bitcoin is that it is an anonymous form of currency since it does not require any personal information from the user’s side and moreover it does not limit the usage of bitcoin for any purpose, you can simply spend as many coins as you want and on whatever you want! This statement can be said to be true on a conditional basis, and by that, we mean the nature of your wallet and your personality of managing your bitcoin mixer accounts.
It is a fact, and it has been seen for the past many years that governments of countries have started to control its people by keeping a regular check on their banking activities. Now the government doesn’t really care about your needs if we compare their interest in your earning and in your expenditures, but then again you cannot challenge the riot of the government, and secondly, this is how things work in the digital world today. Now, most people avoid this type of earning and spending which includes handling of digital cash to save themselves from any restrictions from the government, but some people, on the other hand, have made their way out of this situation and have started using the bitcoin tumbler and the bitcoin mixer on their dark web accounts. This phenomenon is also more commonly known as the dark web bitcoin handling. If you do this, you can easily use your coins wherever you want without being tracked by the government.
We are now coming to the main question of the day! Why are we so scared if we have nothing to hide? The answer to this is very simple. Well as you know that the bitcoin doesn’t reveal your personal data until and unless you give it away from yourself and after you do that you can get into legalities and other formalities which will restrict you to spend your coins in places you want and more than that the amount you want.
The operations like using bitcoin tumbler and bitcoin cleaner where you provide the back end system with your account information and simply pay an amount for a product with a one-time password can show your account’s association with your identity and with your bitcoin address. Bitcoin is not anonymous, but it keeps your identity as a secret and activities like transfers in credit/debit cards can immediately give your identity away to the Blockchain authorities.
The reason that you need to keep yourself anonymous is not just mainly because of the future restrictions by the government authorities but because of the threat to your bitcoin mixer as well. Yes! Handling bitcoin can be very hard and is a very tough job not suited for immature. As you know that bitcoin mixer and bitcoin tumbler are services that have no physical existence and so does bitcoin, so hackers and key loggers are always in sight of getting even a slight loophole from your side that will lead them to your account and trust me these hackers can easily sweep all of your coins in no time at all. So it is important that you use bitcoin cleaners and dark web wallets to keep your identity safe.
An attacker who finds your traces can easily blackmail you or your family member for more ransom, and it can be very tough for you to get out of it if you get into such a situation because no government authority will help you if you get in trouble with bitcoin. It is recommended that you use bitcoin mixers at all times so that you can save yourself from situations like these! Even a beginner can save himself from any digital theft if he gets the bitcoin mixer and bitcoin tumbler service properly.
Now the question is what bitcoin mixer is? The bitcoin mixer is actually the service by the developers which anonymize your received coins and another cryptocurrency. Your personal data and your address information would be saved and will be protected from any other person even from the sender himself. The use of bitcoin mixer is becoming more and more necessary every turning day because attackers can simply steal your money and personal data and the government is doing everything in its capacity to breach our personal boundaries especially now that the power is shifting to the digital world.
In some countries even where the financial transactions of whatever amount are completely legal and are the primary rights of its citizens, the government has started to establish rules that have made the digital activities almost important and for this reason bitcoin mixers are very much important these days!
The Myth of Legality!
Now after the users of bitcoin started using the bitcoin mixers and bitcoin tumblers, the government decided to spread the myth of legality. Now people who don’t use crypto-currencies which are the majority of the world have now started paying heed to this misconception because they are told that your address and identity is faked so that your coins can be misused and later on stolen by hackers. They have confused the legal bitcoin fraternity with criminal and hacking activities. Many people believe them because they have no knowledge and interest in bitcoin and bitcoin mixer!
If we ask ourselves what would we be comfortable in sharing our personal financial information to the world then all of us would answer the same that no we won’t be comfortable with that, so when we are not comfortable with sharing our conventional currency details then why is the government continuously spreading the myth of legality to discourage people? The answer is simple; the government doesn’t want its power to go to the common man.  But we will suggest you think wisely and use bitcoins along with bitcoin mixers; you can also use bitcoin tumbler which will help you privatize your transfer details and then, in the end, you should also use bitcoin cleaners for any traces if left. Shift your investment to digital currency because this is what the future is all about and you can’t let the government play with your forever so don’t pay heed to these misconceptions and simply do more research about bitcoin and bitcoin mixers!

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